Sunday, 25 January 2009


Firstly, a big meh at the fact I haven't played squash since the other week. I haven't been getting out of work at a reasonable time in the week, and the weekends haven't brought the opportunity to play again. I'll have to find some other way of getting fit at this rate. I'm a little bit tempted to try this just to see if I can stick it out. I can do about thirty at the moment, which isn't too bad, but a hundred? That seems a bit crazy.

I've also started something else which seems a bit crazy and a bit unattainable. There's a group on Flickr called 365 Days. Every day, the members of the group take a self portrait of themselves. That's one photo, of yourself, for a whole year. Quite a challenge, if you want to keep it interesting. You could just hold the camera at arms length and take the same shot every day, but that would get very boring very quickly, so the real challenge comes in doing something different every day. Can you think of 365 ways of taking a self portrait?

There are actually loads of ways, and having a group of thousands of people also taking a daily portrait gives you a lot of inspiration. So far, some of the some of the techniques I've employed are:
  • a bit of me with and interesting background

  • 12/365
  • jumping (this was a LOT of fun)

  • 16/365
  • playing around in photoshop

  • 7/365

The only downside to it is that whereas this blog gets updated daily, I'll often have a bit of a brain dump with my photo, which might mean that this blog gets updated less frequently. I'll try and make sure that doesn't happen though. Anyway, if you want to follow my 365, the link to the set is here

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marky de sade said...

hehehe...this is such a cool idea Rob, and a great way to keep the photographic ideas/creativity flowing.

some very nice results already. :)